News: AR Cloud Startup 6D.Ai Video Gives a Peek at Next-Level Mobile AR from Devs Using Company's SDK

AR Cloud Startup 6D.Ai Video Gives a Peek at Next-Level Mobile AR from Devs Using Company's SDK

A sizzle reel just released by augmented reality cloud company shows off what kind of hyper-realistic AR experiences developers can build with its SDK.

For its forthcoming game Dragon Duel, developer Happy Giant created an AR dragon that can climb real world objects and run behind them to fetch virtual objects. From Miletwo comes Li'l Dirt Bikers, a team of miniature virtual racers that can ride over actual obstacles.

Images by 6Dai/YouTube

Last but not least comes Vocal Creation from Patched Reality, a prototype app that can conjure AR content based on vocal commands. Say "rabbit" and a cute little bunny appears, then say "clover" and a patch of plants appears that the rabbit can eat.

The furry friend can climb down the stairs and on top of playground equipment. It can also respond to commands, such as hiding behind physical objects or disappearing into a hole when told "goodbye."

Image by 6Dai/YouTube

These experiences and more come to us as part of the 6Demo God Challenge that established as a platform for private beta participants to show off their AR prototypes.

Soon, these kinds of AR experiences won't be relegated to mere demo videos. This week, at the Augmented World Expo 2018 Europe, announced that its SDK is graduating from closed beta to open beta, as TechCrunch reports. Developers can sign up through ['s website.

Image by 6Dai/YouTube

The platform builds a real-time 3D mesh of physical environments using just a smartphone camera, ditching the kind of depth sensors that the HoloLens, the Magic Leap One, and other AR headsets use to achieve similar results.

With this environmental understanding, mobile AR apps can leverage capabilities like real world occlusion, persistent content, and hassle-free multiplayer experiences, surpassing what ARKit and ARCore currently offer.

In addition to the contest participants, has found some practical application in the hands of designer Weirdcore, which used the platform in the music video for Aphex Twin's "T69 Collapse."

Opening up the platform puts a step ahead of other well funded AR cloud providers, such as Niantic and Ubiquity6.

Overall, these platforms not only enable more immersive and realistic AR experiences for mobile apps, but also open up the possibility of smartglasses makers being able to build future wearables that forgo depth sensors, allowing them to achieve product designs with slimmer form factors.

Image by 6Dai/YouTube

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