News: Instagram Swipes Snapchat Lenses with Furry AR Koala Ears & Icy 3D Crowns

Instagram Swipes Snapchat Lenses with Furry AR Koala Ears & Icy 3D Crowns

Instagram just added another nail in the coffin for Snapchat. It looks like it's the AR platforms final hurrah as IG has snapped up the app's last good feature: its AR selfie filters.

Instagram just combined all the good about Snapchat into one platform eliminating the former app's need to ever exist. With this addition, Instagram has officially entered into the AR game with full force and a swag set of eight facial filters.

If you ever wanted to emphasize how annoying it is to have to study for any kind of math exam, then you got an augmented filter for that. If you ever wanted to look like a cute little koala bear, then you can move your face around and watch IG's new AR koala ears twitch along with you.

Image via Instagram

You can also augment your friend's face too, you know. If you ever felt like your friend's face needed to be augmented, that is. Stick an icy crown on top of someone you feel is icy or make her feel really special with a golden laurel wreath. The possibilities are endless. This is only an initial set of Instagram's new face filters, so expect more to pop up soon.

Image via Instagram

You can also pair your AR filters with Boomerang! Which is great, because I always wished IG would allow more editing with Boomerang, so this is a super cool new feature.

Just open up your IG camera app and tap on the new face icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

After you top your face, and your friend's face, and everyone's face with a bunch of wonderful AR junk, then post it to your Stories or IG directly. Watch how soon you forget all about Snapchat and its once relevant AR platform.

Check out the Instagram blog for more of its new features for iOS and Android.

Then, don't forget to post your new AR faces to the #copycat platform that we all know and love!

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