News: Liverpool Soccer Fans Can Try on the Team's Uniform in Augmented Reality with New Balance Snapchat Lens

Liverpool Soccer Fans Can Try on the Team's Uniform in Augmented Reality with New Balance Snapchat Lens

New Balance is helping Liverpool Football Club (FC) fans see how they look in the team's new kits with an augmented reality experience in Snapchat.

The Lens uses background segmentation to replace the user's surroundings with a virtual stadium and a full-body mask to place the team's jersey (or kit, in the parlance of the football world) on the user's torso. All the while, the team's anthem plays in the background.

Images by Grant Shepherd/Twitter

"This unique New Balance Snapchat experience enables football fans to authentically capture the passion and spirit they have for the sport and how they feel when they pull on the LFC shirt," Pat Cassidy, a senior global marketing manager at New Balance, told SGB Media.

The experience utilizes Snapchat's new Shoppable AR platform, which enhances its augmented reality Lenses to make it easier for brands to insert calls to action in the AR experiences. In this case, fans can proceed to purchase the product online.

New Balance's competitor, Adidas, was a launch partner for Shoppable AR. Images via Snap, Inc.

For Liverpool, it's not the team's first AR experience on Snapchat. Last year, the team offered fans a virtual face paint Lens.

Nonetheless, it's something the team and its passionate fans can enjoy while New Balance tries to move some units.

"Our kit isn't just something we wear to play; it's part of who we are as team," said Jordan Henderson, first team captain for Liverpool FC, in the same report. "We feel immensely proud when pulling on the LFC Home shirt; it means more to us than you could even imagine. After all, Liverpool Football Club is like no other. I have no doubt that our fans will love the new kit, and will wear it with pride when supporting us this coming season."

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