News: NBA's Sacramento Kings Unveil New Uniforms via Augmented Reality

NBA's Sacramento Kings Unveil New Uniforms via Augmented Reality

Though the Golden State Warriors won the crown as the NBA's best team again this season, the Sacramento Kings continue their rule as the sport's technology leader, debuting their new uniforms from Nike through augmented reality today.

With an assist from Zappar's augmented reality platform, the Kings + Golden 1 Center app for iOS or Android lays up the team's new purple "Icon" and white "Association" uniforms, which will be available for purchase this Fall.

(1) Kings guard Garrett Temple models the new "Icon" uniform. (2) Fans can virtually customize a jersey, hang it in their personal space, and capture a photo of it. Images via Sacramento Kings

Users can take their picture with Kings guard Garrett Temple, who models the new uniforms and gives a short spiel. Fans can also generate their own jersey and virtually display it in their own space.

Through technology, we're able to put the latest in uniform design right in the hands of basketball fans around the world with an unprecedented amount of information and detail. The partnership between Nike and the NBA is rooted in creativity and transformative design and with our augmented reality experience, we're building on that long-standing tradition.

— Ryan Montoya, Kings Chief Technology Officer, via news release

The Kings built the augmented reality experience for their app with the ZapWorks platform. Unlike most campaigns with Zappar, users do not have to scan a ZapCode; instead, the content is embedded within the app.

The reigning "Most Innovative Company in Sports" according to Fast Company, the Kings have demonstrated leadership in technology in the NBA for the past decade. They were also the first team to join Twitter and to host a Reddit "Ask Me Anything." Their home court, Golden 1 Center, boasts 200 gigabit per second internet connection and a security robot.

Not surprisingly, with their penchant for being early adopters of technology, the Kings are no strangers to augmented and virtual reality. In fact, just last year, they were the first team to introduce new uniforms in virtual reality. They were the first team to stream a game through Google Glass and on Facebook Live 360. They've even invested in a virtual reality company.

"From the get-go, we have been laser-focused on identifying cutting-edge ways to create the fan experience of the future," said Kings owner and chairman Vivek Ranadivé regarding their crowning by Fast Company.

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Cover image via Sacramento Kings

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