News: Augmented Reality Startup AstroReality Expands Its Product Universe with NASA AR Series

Augmented Reality Startup AstroReality Expands Its Product Universe with NASA AR Series

After getting its start with models of augmented reality planets that serve as targets for augmented reality experiences, AstroReality is diversifying its portfolio by paying tribute to one of the space agencies that made its products possible.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), AstroReality is offering science fans the NASA Series, which includes the NASA AR Notebook and the NASA Space Mug. The products are available now through the company's website as a bundle for $56.99 or separately for $29.99 each.

Image by AstroReality/YouTube

"We wanted to share and reflect with the world upon the iconic achievements of the NASA space program in a new way that is both entertaining and informative. And I'm pleased to say that we have achieved that with this NASA Series," Joanne Dai, co-founder of AstroReality, in a statement.

Within the notebook's pages, which detail NASA's history, target images unlock immersive content when users scan them with the companion AstroReality Explorer app for iOS or Android. For instance, scanning the front cover (available in white or space grey) unveils a virtual solar system.

"AstroReality's NASA Notebook allows the greatest achievements of the agency's first 60 years to inspire you as you write your story on the pages in-between," said Dr. J.R. Skok, chief science officer for AstroReality.

The NASA Space Mug also transforms via the augmented reality app. After scanning the mug's mouth, users are treated to a simulated view of Earth from a spacecraft, with the Amazon rainforest, the Grand Canyon, and the Himalayas among the natural wonders that users can observe.

Image by AstroReality/YouTube

The company's initial product, Lunar Pro, offered consumers a hand-crafted model of the moon. With the accompanying mobile app, users can unlock AR content associated with the real world model.

AstroReality followed that up with lower-cost version lunar models, then got more down-to-earth with an AR-enhanced model of, well, Earth, before producing a full solar system (literally) of planet models.

While AstroReality fills an interesting niche of cosmic augmented reality products, there isn't a lack of apps that could otherwise fill a space fan's fancy. For a mobile AR experience, there's the Big Bang AR app from Google, or the Spacecraft AR app from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, just for starters. For Magic Leap One owners, there's also the Universe Creator app.

Considering that augmented reality enables earth dwellers to see the cosmos in ways they wouldn't be able to otherwise, there's plenty of room for more even space-flavored AR.

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Cover image via AstroReality/YouTube

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