News: You Can Now Try-On & Test Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches in AR via Snapchat

You Can Now Try-On & Test Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches in AR via Snapchat

Now that Snapchat has extended its virtual try-on powers from the face and feet to the wrist, Samsung is leveraging the new capability, along with an interactive twist, to sell its smartwatches.

Samsung Electronics UK partnered with Snapchat to run a virtual try-on for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 using the app's wrist-tracking technology to project the product onto consumers' wrists.

After scanning the Snapcode or selecting the Samsung icon from the Lens Carousel, users can scroll through several watch face and wrist strap options and then anchor the virtual watch to their wrists in the rear-facing camera view.

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But that's not all. Users can swipe the virtual watch to interact with a simulation of the messaging app, which also includes the user's Bitmoji.

In addition, a "Shop" button links users to Samsung's webstore, where they can purchase the watch or other Samsung electronics.

The Lens is available through Snapchat for iOS or Android, and there's a certain sweet irony of trying on a virtual Samsung watch with a real iPhone.

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Samsung is among the early adopters of the wrist-tracking capability, which was among several new AR offerings for brands unveiled at the Snap Partner Summit in May.

But Snapchat isn't necessarily breaking new ground here. For instance, the Chronos24 app for iOS and Android also offers the ability to try on watches in AR.

However, with an ever-growing base of daily active users, Snapchat is an attractive space for brands selling traditional watches and smartwatches as well as eyewear, makeup, shoes, and clothing, with Snapchat including tracking technology for face, feet, and full body.

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Smartglasses like the next-generation Snap Spectacles may eventually render smartwatches and their at-a-glance functionality obsolete.

Interestingly, Facebook reportedly has plans to ship its own smartwatch, with a future version of the wrist-mounted computer serving as an input accessory for its future smartglasses.

For now, Snapchat is happy to assist in smartwatch sales until such time that its smartglasses replace them.

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