News: Samsung Event App Leak Reveals Augmented Reality Version of Galaxy S9

Samsung Event App Leak Reveals Augmented Reality Version of Galaxy S9

In just a few days, all the Galaxy S9 and S9+ leaks will come to an end, as Samsung will officially unveil its latest top-tier smartphone. But before that happens, we're all getting another leaked image of the handset thanks to a bit of snooping and the magic of augmented reality.

Mobile phone-focused website XDA Developers surfaced AR imagery of the Galaxy S9 on Tuesday, working with Reddit user thesbros to extract the virtual treat embedded in Samsung's Unpacked 2018 app.

The app, which is currently available on the Google Play Store, is specifically crafted to work for registered guests in conjunction with Samsung's Mobile World Congress event on Sunday, which will serve as the stage for the reveal of the Galaxy S9.

Image by XDA Developers/Twitter

By decompiling the app, the Reddit user was reportedly able to discover a feature that will allow registered users at the event to scan a show badge and lanyard to launch the AR feature.

Aside from the AR model's realism, it also appears to confirm a few other physical details, including color (the addition of lilac purple), a dedicated Bixby button (Samsung's voice assistant answer to Alexa and Siri), and a new position for the device's fingerprint scanner.

The decision to launch the device with an assist from AR dovetails nicely with the other rumors surrounding the device, namely that it will usher in its own set of 3D emoji similar to Apple's iPhone X Animoji (hinted at in a recent promotional video).

All will be completely revealed and confirmed on Sunday at the Samsung event, and our friends at Gadget Hacks will have all the details in real time.

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Cover image via XDA Developers/Twitter

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