News: Samsung's Galaxy S9 & S9+ Finally Get ARCore Support

Samsung's Galaxy S9 & S9+ Finally Get ARCore Support

Google's Pixel smartphone had a decent head start as one of the first devices to offer ARCore, but that early exclusivity has been frustrating for some Android device owners. Some of that frustration was relieved when Google added more Android devices to the ARCore list in February.

But there were still a couple of significant pieces in the device support puzzle missing. Well now, the best reviewed new Android smartphone (next to the Pixel) from the world's leading smartphone maker, Samsung, is officially part of the ARCore fold.

Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ now support ARCore apps. The addition of the S9 and S9+ now appears on Google's ARCore official supported device list page.

When the devices were unveiled back in February, Samsung showed off some of the AR capabilities of the S9 and S9+. And while Google said (via Twitter) at the time that the "Samsung S9 will be capable of incredible AR experiences built with ARCore," ARCore was not available on the device at launch. Back in March, word began filtering out among developers on GitHub that ARCore would soon arrive on the S9 and S9+, and that day has finally arrived.

Image via Samsung

The update opens up a new world of augmented reality to many users who had to hear about all those cool new apps while watching from the sidelines.

If you're an S9 or S9+ owner, get started by heading over to the Google Play Store and downloading the ARCore app.

After installing ARCore, you can try it out in apps like Just a Line, or the many other awesome AR apps in our 50 Best Augmented Reality Apps list.

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