News: Resolution Games Ports Popular Fishing Game from VR to Augmented Reality

Resolution Games Ports Popular Fishing Game from VR to Augmented Reality

Having pushed more than two million downloads of its Bait! game for the Gear VR and Daydream platforms, VR developer Resolution Games is bringing the virtual fishing fun to augmented reality.

Scheduled for release in 2018, Bait! Under the Surface opens up fishing holes in a user's floor or street. It's all the joys of ice fishing without the freezing cold and risk of hypothermia!

Image by Resolution Games/YouTube

The game will be available for iOS and Android devices, utilizing the respective AR toolkits of the mobile operating systems. Attendees at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco can preview the game in person at the Google booth.

Image by Resolution Games/YouTube

The studio's experience in VR, including status as an early developer for Facebook's Spaces social VR app, has positioned it to take advantage of the ARKit and ARCore platforms for mobile AR.

"We're so grateful to have been able to get an early start in VR, and to have become key players in helping to shape the standards for content being created in the space," said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. "In terms of technology, AR and VR are rooted in many of the same principles. Given our experience in mobile VR, it's only natural to transition these learnings to AR. These are still the early days of AR gaming, and just as we've done in VR we're eager to play our part in helping to shape its journey."

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Cover image via Resolution Games

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