Apple AR: Immersion VR 'Shows Us What They Got' with Rick & Morty ARKit Tribute

Immersion VR 'Shows Us What They Got' with Rick & Morty ARKit Tribute

One of the more meme-able characters from the animated series Rick & Morty will be able to beckon iPhone owners to "show them me what you got" thanks to ARKit.

A demo from Immersion VR simulates an invasion of the Cromulons (from episode five of the second season), or, to some of the ignorant characters of Earth, the "giant heads in the sky." The intergalactic race appears in the atmosphere, beckoning inhabitants to "show me what you got" and perform an "original hit song" for their own intergalactic musical reality competition.

(1) Venice Beach shows the Cromulons what they got in Immersion VR's ARKit demo. (2) Warsaw, however, did not "get schwifty" with it. Images by Immersion VR/Twitter (1, 2)

The demo animates the aliens themselves as well as the chaos that occurs from their simulated gravitational pull. The demo even includes the alien's catchphrase. While the citizens of Warsaw did not heed the call, the inhabitants of Venice Beach may have staved off our destruction with their breakdancing.

For context, the uninitiated can check out a clip of from the show below.

In less than three seasons, the animated series Rick & Morty has gained a rabid following for its mix of high-concept sci-fi and low-brow comedy. As such, various characters and concepts, from the blue-skinned ephemeral assistants called Meeseeks to a planet where the sun screams constantly, can be found juxtaposed in content and referential jokes across the social media ecosystem. It was only a matter of time before someone paid tribute to the show through augmented reality.

Its network, Adult Swim, has also given the show the backing of its usual technology strategy, ranging from social media promotional campaigns to mobile apps to a virtual reality game. How long before their marketing department "gets schwifty" and wrangles together a Rick & Morty augmented reality experience?

Readers, show me what you got! What kind of augmented reality experiences from Rick & Morty (or your own favorite pop culture properties) would you like to see? Tell us in the comments. Just don't be gross.

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Cover image via Immersion VR/ Twitter

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