Apple AR: Chase After & Scare Pigeons with New Upcoming Mobile Game

Chase After & Scare Pigeons with New Upcoming Mobile Game

I'm going to be honest with you. I hate pigeons.

They're always in the way and I don't think they're afraid of anything because if they don't want to move, they're not moving no matter who comes their way. So a new game made with Apple's ARKit called "Pigeon Panic" sounds right up my alley.

The game comes from Combo Studio, a startup mobile app studio. So far, their focus has been to create apps for stuff like finding things to do, creating business cards, and a radio app. Now it seems they're dabbling in augmented reality with their new mobile game, announced yesterday.

While the preview they posted shows a demo of the game using seagulls instead of pigeons, it's easy to grasp what the game is going to be when it's released. Essentially, the app projects AR pigeons into the streets and you have to find and chase after all of them, effectively scaring them before time runs out. Seems pretty simple except the first level has you chasing 81 of them in 30 seconds, which makes things a little more interesting.

Pigeon Panic is going to be released, this autumn according to an announcement from the company's Twitter. It'll definitely be fun to see people chasing imaginary pigeons around the streets come fall. Check out the full demo here!

Image by Combo/Giphy

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Cover image via Combo/Twitter

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