News: PlayFusion Secures Funding to Develop Interactive AR Gaming Platform

PlayFusion Secures Funding to Develop Interactive AR Gaming Platform

Independent game developer PlayFusion announced today a partnership with NEXON Korea Corporation, resulting in a Series A preferred share round to fund development of their entertainment platform. PlayFusion's platform applies augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), and audio recognition to Lightseekers, an original property that combines mobile gaming with smart action figures, trading card games, and other media.

"We continue to work together with our partners to drive deeper consumer engagement by seamlessly connecting many traditionally disparate industries such as film and television, publishing, toys and games, and consumer products," said Mark Gerhard, CEO and Cofounder of PlayFusion, in a press release.

Among the technologies developed by PlayFusion is ImageFuse, which utilizes image recognition and augmented reality to animate trading cards and comic books. ImageFuse will also allow users to integrate characters and abilities from the cards into the upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android.

Image by PlayFusion/Kickstarter

Lightseekers will also draw on IoT through PlayFusion's FusionCore, a mini-computer that will enable interactions between smart action figures and the game, which entered a closed beta earlier this month. The FusionCore computer not only integrates figures and their accessories into the game, but also triggers physical feedback to the figures.

PlayFusion has partnered with TOMY International to bring Lightseekers smart figures and trading cards to Toys"R"Us stores across the US in July of this year.

Image by PlayFusion/Kickstarter

AudioFuse, another component of the platform, will leverage audio recognition alongside the Lightseekers video series, slated to appear on YouTube later this year.

Despite similarities to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, PlayFusion previously completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. But what do you think? Will the AR and IoT innovations brought to Lightseekers lead it to success in a crowded market? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover image via Lightseekers Game/YouTube

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