News: Christian Dior Fashion Fans Can Now Try on Sunglasses & Headbands via Augmented Reality on Instagram

Christian Dior Fashion Fans Can Now Try on Sunglasses & Headbands via Augmented Reality on Instagram

Fashion brand Christian Dior is using augmented reality as a carrot to drive up their follower counts on Instagram.

Consumers who follow Christian Dior on Instagram can now unlock a virtual try-on experience for DiorSoLight sunglasses and headbands through the Stories feature. Called "Kaleidoscope," the experience also fills the camera frame with psychedelic effects similar to the analog tool that bears the same name.

Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

According to WWD, Dior launched the experience at its fall 2019 fashion show on Feb. 26 as part of Paris Fashion Week. Over the course of the week, the AR experience generated more than 2.6 million impressions via Instagram users viewing Stories featuring the effect (which also grants users access to the effect) and those who tried the AR effect themselves.

Dior launched a similar experience via the AR camera in the Facebook app last year. Creative agency The Mill built both experiences for the fashion brand.

Facebook announced at last year's F8 developers conference that it would expand its AR camera platform, now called Spark AR, to brands and creators on Instagram and Messenger apps, with the NBA and Gucci among the brands building AR experiences as part of a closed beta.

In recent years, augmented reality has become a mainstay for cosmetics brands, but, as face-tracking capabilities have improved, accessories makers have also jumped on the AR bandwagon. Warby Parker and Ray-Ban are just two of the major brands using virtual try-on experiences to sell eyewear to consumers.

Images via Snap

Not surprisingly, customers considering Snap Spectacles can also try on virtual pairs via a Snapcode.

Similarly, Kay Jewelers and Swarovski have also created experiences that enable users to try on jewelry.

As long as consumers love taking selfies, companies that peddle beauty and fashion products are smart to continue catering to their customers' vanity in AR.

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Cover image via The Mill

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