News: Team Behind Popular Photo App FaceTune2 Jumps on the AR Bandwagon with Cosmetics Try-On Filters

Team Behind Popular Photo App FaceTune2 Jumps on the AR Bandwagon with Cosmetics Try-On Filters

Following in the steps of Snapchat, Instagram, and YouCam, another popular photo app has gotten into the virtual try-on augmented reality game.

On Thursday, BoxyCharm, a cosmetics subscription service, unveiled a partnership with app developer Lightricks that will bring cosmetics AR filters to Facetune2, a "selfie editing" app that ranks in the top 10 of photo and video apps on the App Store and clocks in at more than 10 million installs via Google Play.

Starting with BoxyCharm's October box, Facetune2 will offer users the ability to try on six shades of eyeshadow from the Dose of Colors collection and three varieties of Iconic Lip Plumping Gloss. Users can preview the combinations in the camera view then snap a photo to share with the world.

Image via BoxyCharm

"There's an undeniable connection between Facetune2 and the art of makeup and creativity, which makes this collaboration with BoxyCharm a natural fit," said Daniel Berkovitz, head of the Facetune division at Lightricks, in a statement. "Pairing our advanced AR-technology with leading makeup brands is paving the way for creative new opportunities that can reinvent the beauty industry."

BoxyCharm will preview the new features as part of its BC In Session event in Los Angeles on Oct. 12. In addition, customers who subscribe to the $25 monthly goodie box can redeem a 33% discount for a Facetune2 annual subscription, which unlocks the app's various in-app purchases (ranging from $0.99 to $2.99).

"We always want to surprise and delight our Charmers around the world. This exciting partnership with Facetune2 allows our members the chance to have some virtual fun with the fabulous products curated for them this October," said Yosef Martin, founder and CEO of BoxyCharm. "BoxyCharm is committed to innovating the beauty subscription service world and this digital collaboration is the latest way we are shaking things up for our Charmers."

Image via BoxyCharm

Virtual try-on tools have become low-hanging fruit for fashion and lifestyle brands looking to adopt augmented reality for their marketing toolkits. We've seen the tool applied to furniture, fashion accessories, and even shoes, but the cosmetics industry has arguably gotten the most mileage out of the practice.

At this point, AR filters have practically become as standard to marketing cosmetics brands as the makeup counter at the local department store. Considering the trend toward online retail versus brick-and-mortar, it's not hard to guess which of those marketing tactics is on the upward trend.

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Cover image via Lighttricks

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