News: Want to Try on Lipstick Without Leaving Your Home? Meitu Has a Way

Want to Try on Lipstick Without Leaving Your Home? Meitu Has a Way

Finding the perfect lip color can be a difficult task, to say the least. Thankfully, we're living in a world with augmented reality, where it's possible to try on lipstick from different brands at home.

How? It's possible now thanks to Meitu, a company that originally launched a selfie editing app famous for taking pictures of politicians like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and making them, well, adorable.

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But now it seems that Meitu is gunning for a more serious image with the launching of 'Counter', a way for you to take photos of yourself and try on lipsticks from your favorite brands around the world.

The feature is introduced in the brand's MakeupPlus app. Once in the app, you're able to click the 'Counter' button and can immediately begin browsing for the lip color you want. When you've chosen, you can either try the color on yourself or use a default model to see what it looks like on other skin tones using the AR function similar to Snapchat's filters.

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The best part is when you decide what the perfect color is, you can buy the lipstick in-app right then and there.

Meitu has collaborated with many lipstick brands to bring you this feature. This includes Charlotte Tilbury, GLAMGLOW, Pixel Cosmetics, Stila, and TYRA Beauty to name a few. And that's just in the US. Users can easily switch the region they are located in by going into settings and hitting 'Region'. From there they are able to change their location and explore other lipstick options being offered worldwide.

Images by Juliet Gallagher/Next Reality

According to NBC, Meitu Managing Director of Global Operations, Frank Fu, is hopeful that their AR features will change the game in shopping for beauty products:

Meitu consistently pushes the boundaries of possibilities when applying AR and facial recognition technology to the world of beauty. The technology in COUNTER offers brands the product from anywhere at any time. Meanwhile, brands will be able to gain valuable insight into the try-on experience and access essential regional color preferences from millions of MakeupPlus users around the world.

— Frank Fu, Managing Director of Global Operations

Currently, the app boasts more than 450 million monthly users worldwide. It uses patented facial recognition and machine learning to recognize your facial features. The MakeupPlus app also features "AR Glam" (similar to Snapchat's filters) and "Touch Up" to add makeup to old photos.

We've seen augmented reality used for many things, but Meitu definitely seems to have the lead in AR cosmetic try-on technology. Counter is available now in the MakeupPlus app which can be found in iTunes or Google Play. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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