News: Live-Stream Your AR Looks with ModiFace's New Makeup Platform for Facebook & YouTube

Live-Stream Your AR Looks with ModiFace's New Makeup Platform for Facebook & YouTube

ModiFace, the makers of Sephora's Virtual Artist app which allows users to try on multiple different combinations of makeup through augmented reality, has just bumped up its augmented reality strategy. The company is now including a live-stream option for all those personal makeup trials you've been secretly admiring from the comfort of your own phone.

So, if you're a social media influencer, makeup selfie-lover, or even a brand, now you can go live with all your different video demonstrations of makeup through ModiFace's technology. The second you start creating a makeup video, it will start streaming in real time to all your followers on Facebook and YouTube. Within the next coming months, many other popular social media platforms will be supported as well.

According to Jennifer Tidy, Vice President of Partnerships at ModiFace, in a news statement:

Live streaming is the perfect next step for ModiFace live video AR technology. Brands can now leverage this capability to reach the billions of users who are actively engaged on Facebook and YouTube. In the next few months, we will be adding support for additional live streaming platforms and technologies.

Image via ModiFace

Sephora's Virtual Artist will be the first of ModiFace's AR partners to receive access to the live-streaming capabilities. ModiFace also plans to expand the service to all its current AR partners. The company has 200 AR apps with 80 partners, and focuses mainly on creating augmented reality products for the beauty and medical industries.

In addition, ModiFace also announced in the news statement that the company is launching AR-based video conversations "through Skype or other video chatting platforms in order for brand consultants to provide a virtual consultation with customers based on their own photo and a virtual application of products on their image."

Allowing brands to access ModiFace's AR technology through chat platforms like Skype will create a very interactive experience for companies who wish to demonstrate how a product would look like on a customer, and then adjust the look, if necessary.

ModiFace is rolling out live-streaming for its apps soon, but in the meantime, feel free to check out Sephora's Virtual Artist app on iOS and Android and start picking out the looks you want to show off when you go live!

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Cover image via Virtual Artist

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