News: Pinterest Is Comparing Their Lens Update to Cher's 'Clueless' Closet

Pinterest Is Comparing Their Lens Update to Cher's 'Clueless' Closet

We are totally buggin' about Pinterest's update to their Lens.

I know, I had to.

It's only because this update is promising to bring us one step closer to that coveted closet that Cher had in 'Clueless'.

The feature was originally launched in March as a search tool. It recognizes real-world objects in a room and searches for relevant, related products on Pinterest. The Lens marked Pinterest's beginning steps to rebrand itself as a search engine, rather than just a confused social media outlet.

Now, Pinterest has rolled out an update and redesign for the feature. The biggest difference is what Pinterest claims is bringing Cher's iconic closet from 'Clueless' closer to reality. They say that their focus has shifted from recognizing furniture and objects, to recognizing fashion.

The improvements in this area that this update provides includes specific ideas for how to wear items users already own. It recommends outfits for you as long as you snap a photo of the clothes in your closet, mixing and matching them for the perfect fit, just like Cher's 1000-year-old computer. It can also differentiate between specific items of clothing now, for example, a strapless bikini vs a high wasted one.

The camera is also said to be better with the new update. They finally gave users some of the tools that probably should have been there from the start, like zooming in and tapping the screen to focus. Additionally, it's easier to pull photos from your camera roll as now users will see a thumbnail for camera roll at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Image via Pinterest

Finally, they added "Instant Ideas" to Lens which allows users to quickly get related ideas to specific results. This feature has already been available in the regular Pinterest feed but has now been added to Lens.

So, while we might have to wait a bit longer for that exact technology that dresses Cher in the morning, in the meantime we can enjoy being given some options from Pinterest.

Image via Clueless/Paramount Picture/Giphy

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