News: Snapchat Transports Gucci Fans to Trippy Tropical Island for Holiday Promotion

Snapchat Transports Gucci Fans to Trippy Tropical Island for Holiday Promotion

Baby, it's cold outside, but, with some help from Snapchat augmented reality, Gucci is thawing our wintery hearths with a virtual trip to the tropics.

On Wednesday, Snapchat launched a Portal Lens for Gucci designed to mirror the brand's Gift Giving advertising campaign featuring the photography of director and screenwriter Harmony Korine (Gummo, Spring Breakers, Kids).

Within the rear-facing camera view, the Portal Lens transports the audience to a tropical island from someone's chemically-induced daydreams, populated with Gucci handbags and accessories, a snowman made of sand, and a leaping whale that probably owes some kind of influence to Magic Leap.

Images via Snap

On the front-facing camera, the experience applies a depth perception technique that adjusts occlusion and background segmentation based on the user's proximity to the camera, making it appear as if the user is rising from a pool of fluorescent water.

Images via Snap, Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

Users can find the AR experience in the AR carousel, or by scanning the Snapcode below.

Alternately, the Portal Lens is available in a special section of the Gucci app for iOS (where users can also use AR to try on shoes from the Ace collection) and Android.

Image via Snap

Augmented reality has achieved status as haute technology in the fashion world, with several platforms taking their turns in the limelight. Christian Dior recently opted for Instagram to support a virtual try-on experience with its sunglasses and headbands, while models for Moschino and H&M have also sashayed down the runway wearing the Magic Leap One.

While fashion brands benefit from AR as an advertising platform, augmented reality companies will continue to rely on the industry to boost their fortunes with mainstream audiences, particularly as smartglasses companies pitch wearables as lifestyle accessories.

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Cover image via Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

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