News: Snapchat's 'Stranger Things 2' World Lens Transports You to an Alternate Reality

Snapchat's 'Stranger Things 2' World Lens Transports You to an Alternate Reality

It's finally that time. Stranger Things 2 dropped today, just days before Halloween. And to get you in the mood, Snapchat has quietly launched a spooky new filter that lets you immerse yourself in the world depicted in the hit Netflix series.

Using the World Lens feature launched earlier this year, you can now put yourself in the dark and foreboding confines of the iconic living room from the show, complete with the Christmas light setup in the background, where you can tap to highlight letters on the wall just like Will did from the "Upside Down" dimension.

Once you're in the Stranger Things environment using your rear camera, as seen on your smartphone screen, you can walk around the living room as though you're really there and tap to interact with objects for a few more surprises.

Images by Snapchat for Business/YouTube, Avec des si Stories‏/Twitter

To launch the feature, you simply press and hold your Snapchat screen as the Stranger Things theme song plays from any source. Using Shazam integration, the app recognizes the song and presents you with the option to enter the world of Stranger Things. Just tap on "Unlock for 1 Hour" to on the New Lens Found! message. You can also scan the snapcode to find the lens.

To find the Stranger Thing 2 lens after unlocking and using it for the first time, just tap on the screen to access your lenses. It should be right at the beginning, looking like a smiley face.

But it gets better.

If you flip your smartphone camera around and direct it at your face, a simple raise of your eyebrows is all you need to transport you to the Upside Down, the terrifying alternate universe that lives just beneath the surface of our real world (according to the science-fiction horror series).

Snapchat doesn't always get it right when it comes to specially themed lens filters, but for hardcore fans of the Netflix series, this is absolutely the best idea they could've come up with.

The feature is available now, just make sure your Snapchat app is updated to the latest version.

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Cover image via Snapchat for Business/YouTube
Screenshots by Adario Strange/Next Reality

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