Apple AR: Unveils 'AR Tribe' Mobile Game That Uses ARKit Unveils 'AR Tribe' Mobile Game That Uses ARKit just revealed more details about their mobile game "AR Tribe," made using Apple's ARKit. The company has previously focused on VR games such as InMind 2 and VRobot. This is the company's first attempt at AR, and it looks like it's going to be pretty cool.

AR Tribe allows you to act like a god to a tribe of villagers. Your village will be augmented, appearing any time you open your app so that you can see what your villagers are up to for the day. You will have to guide and care for your tribe, but you will also be able to decide who lives, who dies, and if the village as a whole thrives. You will be allowed to choose from a variety of options to help your tribe and they will also directly come to you for advice.

Image by AR Tribe/Ludenio

According to VR Focus, Oleg Chumakov, CEO of, said in a statement:

We want to make your first app, which will help you to get acquainted with ARKit technology and have a lot of fun. But if you look deeper, this game is about how to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, and how to help others adapt. Even if you are not a patron with your tribe.

If you want to get early access to the game, you can subscribe to their newsletter (enter your email at the bottom of their site) and will notify you when you can get a free trial towards the end of the summer. Meanwhile, check out a few quick gifs of the gameplay, care of VRFocus:

Image by AR Tribe/Ludenio

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