Apple AR: Scope AR Updates Remote AR for ARKit

Scope AR Updates Remote AR for ARKit

Ahead of the highly-anticipated iPhone unveiling and iOS 11 launch, augmented reality developer Scope AR has confirmed that the iOS version of Remote AR, their live support video calling app, will support iOS 11 and ARKit immediately.

Remote AR enables users and remote support experts to collaborate over a live video call and create and view AR annotations on the camera view of mobile devices and smart glasses.

ARKit improves the tracking features of Remote AR on iPhones 6S and above and iPads running on the A9 or A10 processor. With ARKit's mapping capabilities, users can apply annotations over a much wider area that previously possible. David Nedohin, president and co-founder of Scope AR, demonstrates these new capabilities in the video embedded below, with annotations applied to several different locations within a single session.

"With our technology, any company can use an existing iPhone or iPad to implement AR within their workforces today, allowing workers to complete tasks faster and more accurately, while also producing significant cost and time-savings. While there are many apps coming to ARKit that will inevitably bring AR to the masses, we're the first solution leveraging ARKit that is truly impacting the bottom line for enterprise," said Scott Montgomerie, CEO/CTO and co-founder of Scope AR, in a statement.

The remote support segment of AR apps, which includes offerings from Upskill, Atheer, Ubimax, and others, is seen by some as the most viable near-term solution for AR enterprise offerings.

"You can actually implement that without that without necessarily a headset; you can implement it on tablets and mobile phones," said Albert Kim, head of Ericsson Ventures, in an interview with Next Reality News. "I do believe there is real ROI; it makes that much more efficient."

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Cover image via Scope AR/YouTube

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