Apple AR: Assisting the Technically-Challenged Is Easier With Vuforia's New App

Assisting the Technically-Challenged Is Easier With Vuforia's New App

If you're a regular reader of this site, there's a good chance friends and family turn to you as their volunteer technical support staff.

In these instances, it can be difficult to troubleshoot purely through just verbal descriptions over the phone. While there are a plethora of enterprise AR solutions that let users share their view with remote support staff for technical assistance, Vuforia has stepped up with an option for the rest of us.

The software company has released Chalk, an iOS app that uses Vuforia's AR platform along with ARKit to allow users to draw over live video.

Image by Vuforia/YouTube

Now, when mom can't figure out which button to press to switch the input on her new TV, she can show you the remote through Chalk and you can circle the correct button. The annotation sticks to the view thanks to ARKit's world-tracking capabilities.

The app can also be useful for tech support functions in small businesses, reducing or eliminating the need to mobilize technicians for service calls.

Image by Vuforia/YouTube

"Vuforia Chalk represents one of the most practical uses of AR technology to date. It has the potential to improve our personal and professional lives – initially by helping each other," said Jay Wright, President, Vuforia at PTC, in a statement.

The company notes that the app will eventually be available for additional handheld and headworn devices supported by the Vuforia AR platform.

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Cover image via Vuforia

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