Apple AR: Learn to Dance at Home Using AR App 'Dance Reality'

Learn to Dance at Home Using AR App 'Dance Reality'

Two salsa dancers who also happen to be programmers are soon releasing an app called Dance Reality, made with Apple's ARKit. Through this app, you will be able to practice your dancing with augmented reality as your teacher right from your iPhone.

Update: Next Reality originally covered the Dance Reality app in July. Now that iOS 11 is live, the app is available in the App Store.

According to their website, some of the features on the Dance Reality app include:

  • Controlling your speed to learn at your own pace.
  • Voice-over counting to help you stay on the beat.
  • The ability to choose your own music.
  • The ability to choose between following and leading the steps.
  • Solo and couple practice.
  • Instructional videos from trained dancers.

The app shows you where to put your feet using an image of foot prints. When you're ready, the footprints will begin to move while a voice counts the beat. The creators do want to point out, however, that Dance Reality isn't a substitute for a real dance teacher, but rather a way to learn the basics and practice your dancing with a guide.

Dance Reality won't be officially released until iOS 11 is out, but you can sign up for to be a beta tester now on their website if you've downloaded the iOS 11 beta.

Check out the demo below:

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Cover image via Dance Reality/YouTube

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