Apple AR: Brings Political Memes into the AR World Brings Political Memes into the AR World

Lately, any subject in the realm of politics is a figurative powderkeg primed to explode on the nearest social media channel. Now, one app wants to use your iPhone and AR to strike a match.

Released on Tuesday on the App Store, gives users the ability place augmented reality content in their videos and share them on their social media platform of choice.

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The app offers cartoon likenesses of US presidents including Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, along with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin, each of whom does a little dance in your camera view.

While politics are front and center, there are other options primed for creating nonpartisan memes. For example, the app lets you remix your own version of the "Shooting Stars" meme, for those who lack the creativity to come up with something original. The app also has a collection of generic monsters who dance to "YMCA." Heh.

Images via fuse(dot)it

"As we see augmented reality become more mainstream, so too will we see more apps that mix creative animated worlds with the real world and is at the forefront of this technology," said Liat Sade-Sternberg, CEO of, in a statement.

The company clearly has no qualms with catering to the public's basest interests. Snapchat wants out of the "fake news" business altogether, so I can guarantee it would take a hard pass at creating a World Lens with a dancing political figure. And I can't see Apple green lighting a Putin Animoji, either.

Nevertheless, if you like your AR social content littered with politics, this app might be right up your alley. Personally, like the aforementioned companies, I'll take a hard pass, too.

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