Apple AR: EyeSphere Makes Museum Exhibits More Accessible with New Demo

EyeSphere Makes Museum Exhibits More Accessible with New Demo

There are some pretty incredible museum exhibits out there all over the world, but with a limited budget and travel options, it's hard to hit all of the museums we might want to. Luckily, there is Apple's ARKit.

We've already seen some of how ARKit is changing the game in the museum world. From exhibits completely made from augmented reality to tours of places we would have never been able to see, it's clear that AR is going to be big for museums. Now, a new demo shows how we can step into museums around the world using AR portals.

The demo was posted by eyeSphere, a VR/AR immersion company dedicated to providing companies with creative solutions using VR and AR as well as 360° media. The demo shows two augmented reality portal doors in a street. The portals lead to two different undisclosed museum exhibits.

Once inside, you are able to walk around the exhibit, which is presumably a carbon copy of the real exhibit and get up close to the artwork. You can even read all the information regarding the exhibit next to the art.

The best part? If a future application like this isn't free, it will certainly be a hell of a lot cheaper than traveling to see each museum exhibit you want. Hopefully, this will be further developed into the app so we can be able to experience art exhibits from all over the world.

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Cover image via eyeSphere/YouTube

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