Apple AR: Demo Teases a Camera App That Expands the Possibilities of Future Effects

Demo Teases a Camera App That Expands the Possibilities of Future Effects

A camera app demo that uses Apple's ARKit has been blowing up on Twitter recently and it very well might be the future of how we take pictures with our iOS devices.

The demo was created by Twitter user Zach Lieberman, a self-described researcher, educator, and maker of art using code. He calls the demo just a "rough prototype" on his Instagram at the moment but definitely hopes to develop it into a full blown app.

The awesome demo allows you to take pictures and then leave them where you took them. The video shows Lieberman at a staircase, taking photos of it from various angles and then leaving them suspended in mid-air. The effect that it makes when he steps back is incredibly cool, looking like puzzle pieces fitting together.

Lieberman's camera app demo opens up a realm of possibilities for iPhone camera effects in the future. This could be used to make more art in the future, and could even be used as a way to look back to the time you took the photos to see how things have changed. Lieberman has not said whether or not this app will see the light, but we're hopeful it does. If not, his work has likely inspired many others to create apps with similar effects.

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Cover image via Zach Lieberman/Twitter

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