Apple AR: Soccer Players Get to Test Their Skills via a Unique ARKit-Powered App

Soccer Players Get to Test Their Skills via a Unique ARKit-Powered App

If you've been paying attention, you already know that ARKit can detect horizontal surfaces and estimate ambient light, but did you know that it can also help you improve your soccer game?

A new app called myKicks uses ARKit to help set up a unique soccer (or "football" if you're not in the US) training course in augmented reality.

On Friday, Australia-based developer Matt Comi, who worked on the ARKit portion of the app, shared video of the functionality in action on Twitter.

Image by Matt Comi/Twitter

From the demo, we can see that the app uses ARKit to determine the location of the goal posts and where the player should place the ball and the iPhone, which is placed on the ground with the camera facing the goal.

Once the player is ready, the app gives a countdown and then records for three seconds. Based on the set distances and placement of the ball and camera, the app uses computer vision to calculate the speed and trajectory of the kick as captured in the video. The app also challenges players to a variety of game scenarios and types of kicks. The app also allows users to share and compare their results with other users.

Image by Matt Comi/Twitter

The app is currently available for free on the App Store in the United Kingdom for a limited time. Soccer fans in other countries interested in the app can sign-up to be notified when access expands.

You can only see so many furniture placement, tape measure, and 3D content apps before you start to wonder if anyone will come up with something truly original using ARKit. With myKicks, the app's developers have scored a major creativity win for AR fans.

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Cover image via Kelvin Stuttard/Pixabay

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