Apple AR: Zynga's CSR 2 for iPhone Puts Your Dream Car Within Virtual Reach with AR Mode

Zynga's CSR 2 for iPhone Puts Your Dream Car Within Virtual Reach with AR Mode

Exotic sports cars are the province of the ridiculously wealthy but, thanks to augmented reality, you can now get closer than ever to a Bugatti Chiron.

Social and mobile gaming powerhouse Zynga has updated the iOS version of its popular racing game meets Fast & Furious simulator called CSR 2 (CSR Racing 2) with an AR mode that, with an assist from Unity, lets players view cars from their garage on ARKit-compatible iPhones and iPads.

Image by CSR2/YouTube

Players can also scale the cars to real-world or model size, open the trunk, hood, and doors, peek inside the engine, and view various customizations. After adjusting the lighting effects for indoors, outdoors, or overcast settings, players can then capture the specimen in pictures or video for sharing with others.

"AR is the perfect platform to showcase the incredible level of detail and care we take in seamlessly recreating some of the world's most desired cars by bringing them off the mobile screen and into our players' very own driveways," said Julian Widdows, vice president of games at Zynga, in a company statement. "Leveraging Apple's ARKit, CSR 2's AR Mode blurs the line between the digital and real-world, delivering an immersive experience that puts our players in the owner's seat of the car of their dreams."

Image by CSR2/YouTube

I took a few minutes to view a Toyota in real-world scale, because, in fantasy as well as reality, I am destined to drive Toyotas. I didn't really play around with the model size mode much because, seriously, I can buy a Hot Wheels for less than $5.

In my brief demo, I found the level of detail and realism quite literally stunning. I was kind of surprised that I couldn't actually start the thing up and drive off. I'm not usually the type who drools over cars, but I can certainly see the appeal here for those who do appreciate a fine automobile.

Image by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

If you're a new player, before you can access the AR mode, you do have to graduate from the tutorial mode, which requires winning a couple of races and joining a gang. Don't worry, there isn't a gang initiation or any hazing.

If you're a veteran CSR 2 player who is already accustomed to spending a ton of cash on in-game purchases, it's a seamless process to buy your way into a virtual Koenigsegg One:1 and have it in your driveway immediately. And sure, an in-game purchase is a steal for an exotic car, though still a bit pricey for something that actually doesn't carry you anywhere.

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Cover image via Zynga/YouTube

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