Apple AR: Fight Zombies Armed with ARKit in ARZombi

Fight Zombies Armed with ARKit in ARZombi

While The Walking Dead has brand recognition for its AR game, ARZombi has ARKit.

Their forthcoming app, built on ARKit by an independent team of horror aficionados, is more reminiscent of zombie mode in recent installments of the Call of Duty franchise than AMC's location-based mobile game.

Image by ARZombi/YouTube

The game takes place in the player's home, with the app mapping the doors and windows of the domicile. Players must keep these means of ingress blocked with virtual boards to keep the undead outside. When zombies find their way in, players then grab the closest virtual weapons to protect themselves.

According to a release provided to Next Reality, the game will include a story mode and multiplayer gaming, As nod to the team's influences, '80s Easter eggs and modern pop culture references are strewn throughout the game.

Image by ARZombi/YouTube

The app will be monetized by in-game advertising, but not in the way that most players are accustomed to seeing them. The game's story mode will include an AR TV set, which will play ads from brands.

"We're utilizing AR advertising and making it accessible to brands rather than distracting ads we see in mobile games all the time," said Sean Evans, head marketing strategist for the game.

While a specific release date was not available, Evans noted that the game will be released this fall, though it could appear within the next two weeks.

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Cover image via ARZombi/YouTube

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