Apple AR: Developer Opens Portal to Underwater World with ARKit

Developer Opens Portal to Underwater World with ARKit

Building virtual portals are popular practice for developers to demonstrate the "wow" factor of augmented reality.

Since the introduction of Apple ARKit, several demonstrations have shown how iPhones and iPad users will have access to their own alternate worlds when iOS 11 arrives this fall.

The latest such demo comes courtesy of independent developer Gian Piero Gigli, who posted a video showing off his portal to an oceanic environment.

(1) Using ARKit, developer Gian Piero Gigli built a portal to an underwater lair. (2) Of course, once you're under the sea, you need a way back out. Image by Gian Piero Gigli/YouTube

Watch the full demo below. Gigli has also built demos of an augmented reality automobile manual and an animated zombie concept with ARKit.

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Cover image via Gian Piero Gigli/YouTube

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