Apple AR: Take a Walk on the Moon with New Space Door Demo

Take a Walk on the Moon with New Space Door Demo

The latest portal demo made with Apple's ARKit is one small step for man, one giant leap for augmented reality. That's right, the latest demo allows you to venture through a door onto a moon from wherever you are.

Mohammed Bader, senior game developer at Gamified Labs in Kuwait, who created the demo, seemed to get inspiration for the space portal from the media franchise "Stargate." For those not familiar with that awesome television series (and movie), the show had an "Einstein-Rosen bridge" that allowed people to instantaneously travel from one place in the universe to another. Similar to the portal in that you just have to step through a door to get to the moon.

The demo shows a projected door, like all the portals have shown, and when opened, you can immediately step onto the moon — no space suit necessary. The moon looks pretty realistic too. Not only that, but you can look around and see the blinding light that is the sun as well as our planet from afar. This makes for a pretty damn cool space experience without all the training that goes into becoming an actual astronaut. Hopefully, we'll see this developed further in the future.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story erroneously credited the video to Tony Alazeub on YouTube.

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Cover photo via zeitfaengerat/Flickr


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