Apple AR: Play Beer Pong Anytime with Augmented Reality Game

Play Beer Pong Anytime with Augmented Reality Game

Beer pong is a classic game created by college kids to drink and have a good time. However, the process of setting it up is messy and takes a while. Luckily, a demo has introduced an app coming soon where you can play an augmented reality version of beer pong using Apple's ARKit.

Some might think that this takes all the fun out of the game, but it actually makes it a lot simpler, and you can still drink beer. The demo by YouTube user Ezone shows that the game seems pretty similar to the version of beer pong we know and love.

The cups are automatically in their formation and you can move around the table to get into a position that will make your ping-pong ball bounce into a cup. It uses spatial tracking to know if your position and force will make the ball go into the cup. There is also a point system found at the top that keeps track of how many you've made.

The beer pong AR demo makes it possible to have a great time playing beer pong without having to worry about spilling or setting it up. If you want to use alcohol, just drink whenever you make one in. If you don't want to use alcohol, then you have a fun AR game to play anywhere.

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Cover image by Laura LaRose/Flickr

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