Apple AR: Check Out Deals at Places Near You with LocateAR

Check Out Deals at Places Near You with LocateAR

From all the demos we've seen, we know for sure that the marketing world is going to change drastically thanks to Apple's ARKit.

We've already started to see examples of it like the giant iPhone advertisement that let you get a large scale 3D look at the newest iPhone and all its features. Now, a new demo has emerged that includes 3D, location based advertising. And it's pretty cool.

The demo was posted by Glimpse Group, a company with the goal of cultivating entrepreneurs in the AR/VR industry by creating innovative solutions to everyday problems. Their most recent venture is LocateAR, a swing at location-based advertising appears to be in partnership with Starbucks.

According to Glimpse Group's website:

The platform consists of several components that include: GeoLocation, Augmented Reality, image recognition and cloud based content delivery. The ability to walk down a street and view projected information relating to restaurants, retailers, real estate or financial firms will vastly enhance the way people are able to interact and do business with the environment around them.

The demo shows a woman walking up to a Starbucks with her phone out. She receives the option to "start tracking" and the app begins to track her location to search for augmented reality advertising around her. A rotating 3D Starbucks logo appears, having picked up that she was near a Starbucks, as the advertisement loads. She is then able to swipe through 3D models of menu options and deals including breakfast specials and pastries. Once she's swiped through, an AR message appears telling her to tap her phone screen to order. She's then able to order before she even walks into the building, which is a pretty cool way of getting what you want faster.

LocateAR will be available in fall, joining the Glimpse Group's other platforms KabaQ and KreatAR.

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Cover image via Glimpse Group/YouTube

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