Apple AR: Demo Gives a Glimpse at a New Way of Sharing Art

Demo Gives a Glimpse at a New Way of Sharing Art

Most people say art is meant to be seen. Museums are a good way to do that, but they aren't always accessible to everyone. Those who miss out on the chance to see fantastic pieces of art at museums might now be able to get close to them thanks to Apple's ARKit.

BEEVA Labs, a technology and innovation company, released the demo on their Twitter. They specialize in bringing AR and VR innovations to businesses, and now it seems those businesses include museums. The video demo shows a list of the art pieces that you can choose from, who created them, and what the inspiration comes from. The demo also gives you the real-life location of each art piece, but if you're too far away, it's no big deal.

Once you tap on the art piece you want to see, a 3D model of it will appear in the streets. From here, you can circle it and get up close to it to fully appreciate the art right in front of you. While there isn't any word of a concrete app for this demo right now, BEEVA Labs does specialize in creating platforms like this, so hopefully we will be seeing art like this in the near future.

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Cover image via SANEM AVCIL/YouTube

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