Apple AR: Virtual Dog Demo by Ridgeline Could Be the New Tamagotchi

Virtual Dog Demo by Ridgeline Could Be the New Tamagotchi

This demo made with Apple's ARKit is 13/10 and features a very good boy.

Since the ARKit was announced, there have been rumors going around about what it could mean for pet lovers who want to see augmented reality dogs. The popular Twitter We Rate Dogs has created a Good Dogs Game app that lets you have a your own virtual dog, but now Ridgeline Labs have also entered the arena with an ARKit dog game of their own, and it's the best thing I've ever seen.

The demo, which is just a prototype at the moment, is part of a larger game that the company is developing called "RoVR" which will be available for VR headsets but will also now include an AR app spinoff. The video on Twitter shows a well-animated doggo happily sniffing a stick. You are then able to play fetch with the pup, throwing the stick as far as you want and getting to see the cutest dog run ever. The dog also rolls over and does tricks on command and basically, everyone is freaking out about it.

Images by Mummydoc1/Twitter, 27Aleic/Twitter, KennethLNg/Twitter, htormey/Twitter, nick_gudumac/Twitter, martignoniau/Twitter, Albestio/Twitter

Once the demo was posted to Twitter it got many enthusiastic responses to say the least. One Twitter user even went as far as to say that the app going to be the Tamagotchi for a new generation. Virtual pets have been a big hit since Tamagotchi gave us the world's first handheld digital pet, with other platforms like Nintendogs and Webkinz following suit. While they're no substitute for real furry friends, they are a lot of fun, especially for those who might not be able to have a pet for whatever reason.

There is no official release date for this RoVR app, but you can support Ridgeline Labs' Kickstarter to assure that it does get released. With all the attention that the demo is already receiving, we've got a good feeling that we'll definitely be seeing these good pups on our phones in the future.

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Cover image via Ridgeline Labs/Twitter

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