Apple AR: Take a Look at the Entire Star Wars Galaxy from Your Living Room

Take a Look at the Entire Star Wars Galaxy from Your Living Room

Think you're a true Star Wars fan? I bet you haven't created a demo using Apple's ARKit that creates a map of the entire Star Wars galaxy. How's that for being a fanatic?

ARKit developer Namek Kural posted the demo on YouTube after previously abandoning a website with similar features to the demo. The video shows a virtual chip being thrown on the ground. Once it's tapped, it opens up a hologram-looking galaxy similar to the technology seen in the Star Wars movies themselves.

As you approach the galaxy, you are able to see that what looks like floating stars are actually the planets from the Star Wars series, positioned where they actually would be. The closer you get, the more you are able to read about each planet, like which planets they are. There is also going to be information and statistics about the planets, but as the map is in the early stages of development, this has yet to be added.

Still, having access to a map of the entire Star Wars galaxy at the tips of your fingers would be pretty cool. Especially with all the hype about the upcoming Last Jedi movie. Kural wants to develop this into a full blown app for iOS 11, but can only do so if it catches Disney's attention. If you like what you're reading, take a look at his video!

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Cover image via Namek Kural/YouTube

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