Apple AR: Get Creative in Making Your Own Virtual Campsite with Orb

Get Creative in Making Your Own Virtual Campsite with Orb

The creative possibilities are part of what makes Apple's ARKit so exciting. We've seen new camera effects, painting, and new ways to tell stories through ARKit. Now, the app developer studio "Orb" has created an app to let you create scenes with 3D objects of your choosing.

This Orb is not to be confused with the other orb we've seen recently from ARKit. The other orb allowed you to view 360-degree videos on a floating orb, but this one allows you to create. The demo was posted by the company on their Twitter as part of a series of demos promoting the app. The Orb app is advertised as a way to build anything anywhere. According to the company's website, you start out by using basic 3D, colorless shapes and then building on them to create anything you want. You can also color, animate, and adjust the size of each object based on your desired result.

The demo posted was a campsite that is definitely fun to make without the hard work of making a real campsite. In the speed build, The company showed how easy it is to shape, bending, and color each object to your will. The demo included the speedy creation of trees, mushrooms, a tent, a grill, and even a mountain. The result was an awesome 3D campsite. But Orb lets you create anything that you want with their 3D objects. Other demos on the website included creating a rocket ship and a submarine emerging from the water.

Orb's official release won't come until the fall, but you can sign up now on their website if you're interested in trying their beta. Check out the full campsite building demo here!

Image by Orb/Giphy

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Cover image via Orb/Twitter

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