Apple AR: Upcoming Game Easily Shows You How to Master Paintball

Upcoming Game Easily Shows You How to Master Paintball

If you've ever wanted to hone your paintball skills, without spending a ton of money and making a huge mess, Show Me Virtual and Apple's ARKit have an app for you.

The demo was posted on YouTube and shows how you can master paintball through your phone. Your device acts as a controller for aiming your paintball gun at moving targets. The targets appear behind virtual shields that you can hide behind while a sneaky target attacks you from behind the other shield. You then must figure out just the right moments to peek out from behind your shield and shoot your targets, without getting hit yourself. Thus creating the perfect way to work on your aim without all the fuss.

Another cool aspect of this game is that you're able to play through your phone, or use your own paintball marker as the controller to up how realistic your practice is. There are various game modes as well on the app and when you verse your opponent, you each get 3 hits before the other loses.

While it's no substitute for a real game of paintball, this app could certainly help you to improve your skills so that when you play in real life with your friends, you're sure to win. There is no word yet about when exactly this app will be released besides "Coming Soon," but it's possible we could see it sometime the fall.

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Cover image via ShowMeVirtual/YouTube

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