News: Archer AR App Deputizes Viewers as Detectives

Archer AR App Deputizes Viewers as Detectives

The producers of FX's animated series Archer have devised a plan to introduce augmented reality hijinks into its eighth and penultimate season with a new app for iOS and Android devices.

The Archer, P.I. app allows fans to sleuth alongside the alcoholic playboy spy-turned-private-eye and his motley crew during upcoming episodes. The eighth season will premiere on April 5, 2017, on FX's sister network, FXX.

Viewers can inspect the clues on-screen through the app and their device's camera, where augmented reality allows them to collect the clues in the app's inventory. The clues will be instrumental in solving the game's case. The show's promotional assets, such as billboards, TV commercials, social media, and websites, provide additional clues for the game.

(1) A tutorial within the Archer, P.I. app shows how users can capture clues from episodes and related assets. (2) Scanning the upcoming season's promotional poster animates the eponymous lead character. Images by Tommy Palladino/NextReality

This game is not just for fun; there are also prizes at stake. Players can enter the Archer, P.I. Crack the Case sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 gift card. Moreover, starting with the season's premiere episode on April 5, players can collect in-app coin icons for the possibility to win additional prizes.

Archer is not the first entertainment property to use augmented reality as a promotional tool. However, Floyd County, the show's production team, has a history of leaving Easter eggs in its show. For instance, in-show clues have led fans to Algersoft, a website for Krieger, the show's mad scientist (and possible clone of Adolph Hitler). If anything, their track record gives this app the potential to further entertain fans of the show.

Archer fans, is this your new favorite app? Augmented reality fans, are you impressed by this use of the technology? Share your conclusions below.

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Cover image via Archer P.I. app

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