Apple AR: JigSpace Shows You How Things Are Made Using AR

JigSpace Shows You How Things Are Made Using AR

JigSpace, a company that uses 3D renderings to give instructions, showed off a fun new way to learn how things work using Apple's ARKit. The video released shows the anatomy of a range of things, including an espresso machine, an Archer Hb Plus chair, and the manual transmission of a car. Not to mention, they also used ARKit to show a 3D how-to of removing an iPhone's SIM card.

Along with an augmented model of each object they were teaching about in the video, JigSpace also used their iPhone to watch words and animations appear to explain how parts work. With the company's motto being "We learn better in 3D," it seems likely that they are going to be using the ARKit's features much more for their instructional programs in the future.

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Cover image via JigSpace/YouTube

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