Apple AR: Learn What Your Food Is Made of Using Augmented Reality

Learn What Your Food Is Made of Using Augmented Reality

With the release of Apple's ARKit comes endless possibilities for education and learning. One of those possibilities is an AR rotating model of our solar system in your room, another is using AR to instantly know the nutritional value of food items.

YouTube user napkinmoments posted an ARKit demo that used augmented reality and object recognition to learn about a banana's nutritional value. The video shows the user pointing their iPad camera at a banana. After a few seconds of processing, a "Found: Banana" message appears thanks to object recognition. Shortly after, the nutritional value of bananas appears in bubbles, their sizes indicating how much of each component is in it.

For now, this creation is mostly experimental, but it could mean big things not only for the way we learn about our food but also for the way we learn in general.

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Cover image via napkinmoments/YouTube

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