Apple AR: Use Augmented Reality to Measure Rooms Without a Tape Measure

Use Augmented Reality to Measure Rooms Without a Tape Measure

Measuring a room has never been so easy thanks to Apple's ARKit. SmartPicture 3D is known for its quick measurements based on pictures from your smartphone. Recently, they released a video of the company measuring a room using the ARKit.

The video shows SmartPicture 3D using the ARKit on their iPhone to measure every nook and cranny of the room. The user is able to change the direction of their augmented measuring line at will, with real-time measurements showing up as they move. Once they are finished, the measurements stay put and the complete measurement appears at the top of the iPhone screen.

On integrating the ARKit into their systems, vice president of sales at SmartPicture 3D, Ted Kalomiris, told Next Reality:

We currently offer a managed service to the $3B D-I-Y marketplace where customers can receive project measurements from smartphone pictures. We are targeting the interior design, window & door, window treatment, and flooring verticals, which includes manufacturers, distributors, builders, and creative agencies. We are excited to be on the front end of the new ARKit tech and are working to incorporate into our SaaS model of delivery.

If accurate, this way of measuring could be revolutionary in the world of interior design and architecture.

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Cover image via SmartPicture 3D

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