Apple AR: Human Anatomy Atlas Journeys to the Center of the Body with ARKit

Human Anatomy Atlas Journeys to the Center of the Body with ARKit

An update to the Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 enhances the study of the human body with augmented reality courtesy of iOS 11 and ARKit.

The app provides a detailed 3D model of the human anatomy, allowing students to see tissues and organs and virtually dissect without all the mess that comes with slicing up cadavers. The app also provides information about selected body parts.

Image by Visible Body/YouTube

With the new AR mode, students can view the 3D model on the dissection table. With ARKit's motion tracking capabilities, the app lets students peek inside the body by pushing the device towards the virtual model. Try doing that with a cadaver.

Image by Visible Body/YouTube

Augmented Reality fundamentally changes the way we will be studying and teaching anatomy. Human Anatomy Atlas with Augmented Reality allows students to interact with human anatomy, making the user experience more compelling and rewarding. Interactive 3D gets your fingers moving against a screen, but AR gets your whole body moving in the room. It helps bridge the gap between the study of anatomy and the physical reality of human bodies. Augmented Reality is technology that will transform education for the next generation, and we are thrilled to be part of it.

The app available at a temporarily-reduced price of $0.99 through the App Store.

Visible Body, the app's publisher, plans to incorporate augmented reality into its full suite of learning apps, for which subscription licenses are available to institutions of learning.

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Cover image via Visible Body/YouTube

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