Apple AR: Edmunds Previews Parking Fit for Car Customers with ARKit App

Edmunds Previews Parking Fit for Car Customers with ARKit App

IKEA can help customers determine if a couch fits in their living room, but who is going to help them figure out if their new SUV will fit in the garage?

Edmunds offers the solution with their iOS app, updated to version 12.0 for iOS 11 and ARKit. The AR feature is found under the Tools menu and on Vehicle Overview pages with the "Can It Fit?" button.

ARKit enables the Edmunds app to scan the parking space. Image by Edmunds/YouTube

The app uses ARKit to detect the floor, scan the environment, and create a 3D mesh of the area, placing virtual walls for outdoor spaces in order to create a confined area. The apps uses the mesh to determine if a 3D model of the chosen vehicle can fit within the space.

Users can cycle through the entire catalog using the scanned space. Dimensions for nearly any car made after 1990 are available in the app.

Dude, you're not getting a 2016 Chrysler Town and Country. Image by Edmunds/YouTube

"Mobile-driven AR technology is evolving in ways that we can now start to leverage it to make car shopping easier and more convenient, similar to the disruption we're seeing elsewhere in retail. By developing and making this industry-first AR feature available within our robust suite of car shopping tools, Edmunds continues to lead the way in empowering consumers to make informed decisions throughout their car shopping journey," said Brock Stearn, Edmunds' director of immersive technology, in a statement.

Conversely, car owners could probably use this app to confirm whether they can fit their own car into tight parking spots between drivers who can't park properly.

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Cover image via Edmunds/YouTube

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