Apple AR: Cambria & Markilux Match IKEA with ARKit Apps for Home Makeovers

Cambria & Markilux Match IKEA with ARKit Apps for Home Makeovers

IKEA won't be alone among ARKit apps for visualizing home décor and improvements when iOS 11 arrives next week.

Unlike IKEA or Lowe's Home Improvement, Cambria and Markilux are hardly household names (no pun intended). Yet, with tools like ARKit and Google's ARCore, AR apps are readily accessible to smaller companies with more modest marketing budgets.

A company that makes quartz surfaces and countertops, Cambria is using ARKit to help homeowners and contractors evaluate new countertops for kitchens and baths.

Developed by space150, Cambria AR uses ARKit's surface detection capabilities to define the boundaries of the targeted counter and then replace the view of the counter with 3D models of various textures available from the company, even simulating the shape and depth of the products. ARKit's ambient light estimation also lets users see the improvements as they would appear in the home.

"Augmented reality will be a game changer in the design industry for consumers and professionals alike," said Brian Peters, CMO at Cambria, in a statement provided to Next Reality. "As the leader in stone surfaces, Cambria is adopting and bringing the remarkable technology to our consumers in a very simple but powerful app. There's no better way to see Cambria's stunning designs then in your very own kitchen."

A spokesperson for space150 confirmed that Cambria AR has been approved by the App Store, and, while an updated version will be submitted, the app is expected to be available for the release of iOS 11.

Meanwhile, developer ViewAR has built an AR app, which will also be accessible upon the release of iOS 11, for Markilux, maker of retractable awnings.

Like Cambria AR, Markilux's design app uses ARKit to mark the boundaries of the area for the awning to be placed. While ARKit has been promoted to have horizontal surface detection, the Markilux app is able to anchor simulated awnings to walls. Users can also swap out fabrics, adjust the size, and animate the model.

In both cases, Cambria and Markilux are able to help their customers choose the right product without having to acquire multiple samples. If the apps translate to sales, then it is money well spent for both companies.

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Cover image via Cambria/Vimeo

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