ARKit Roundup: More Fun Uses for Augmented Reality & Your iPhone Keep Popping Up

More Fun Uses for Augmented Reality & Your iPhone Keep Popping Up

Developers are really having a field day with Apple's ARKit, announced last month. Since it's release to developers, videos have been appearing all over the Internet of the different ways that developers are getting creative with the ARKit using iPhones and iPads.

Here are a few videos of the cool things that are happening using the ARKit:

Tetris is given a 2017 make-over with this creation. "ARTetris" was created by Exyte using the ARKit. As you can see, it projects the classic puzzle game into the real world and allows the user to actually play the game.

Another known feature of the ARKit is spatial drawing. This gives users the ability to pick from different colors and make their own AR drawing that uses spatial recognition tools to become 3D and stay where you put them. Watch as the user in the video writes out the message "I <3 AR" in the middle of their kitchen. They also use spatial drawing to track their movements outside, drawing as they walk to leave a trail of color behind them.

Image by Triangle Factory/Twitter

Watch this next video on Triangle Factory's Twitter account. Triangle Factory decided to test out a prototype of an augmented mini golf game. The game was set up in the middle of the screen and let the user putt around trying to get the golf ball into the hole they created.

This video is definitely the coolest in my opinion. This makes it possible for you to step into another dimension, right from where you're standing. At first, it just seems to be a 3D door projected that shows another dimension. But then, the user walks through the door and is able to look around at the new dimension they've stepped into while still being able to look through the portal at their world.

Similar to the portal is the "Rainforest Garage." This user used spatial drawing to draw an outline on their garage as if they were burning through it. The portion of the garage traced then fell away to reveal an augmented rainforest that the user was able to walk into and look around in. Things got even cooler when an animated animal walked out of the rain forest and started interacting with the user using an augmented ball.

If you're looking to develop your own app using the ARKit, check out Next Reality's ARKit 101 Tutorials.

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Cover image via Exyte/YouTube

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