News: Twitter Hijacks Tim Cook's Pokémon Go Tweet with iPhone Battery Complaints

Twitter Hijacks Tim Cook's Pokémon Go Tweet with iPhone Battery Complaints

To commemorate the rollout of the AR+ update for Pokémon Go, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to promote and celebrate the moment his company's ARKit platform made possible.

"You never know who you'll run into on the Apple campus," Cook tweeted. "The power of ARKit is coming to @PokemonGoApp today—taking its AR to a new level, including more interactivity between Pokémon and Trainers."

Image by Tim Cook/Twitter

However, instead of being met with social media high-fives, the leader of Apple was greeted with virtual pitchforks.

You see, his company has run into a bit of controversy this week. Perhaps you've heard about it? If you haven't, Apple recently confirmed that it has been throttling speeds on older iPhones, including the year-old iPhone 7, to compensate for battery performance. The company calls it a "feature."

As a result, they've essentially given credence the running conspiracy theory that Apple makes older iPhones slower with software updates to make people upgrade to newer iPhones.

So while Cook cavorts with virtual Groudon (apparently, the embodiment of climate change) on Apple's campus, his customers have been hounding him about their iPhone batteries.

Image by @Isaacraft123/Twitter
Image by @spacebull/Twitter

Others were less impressed with ARKit's contribution to the game.

Image by @HomeboyHotel/Twitter

But don't cry for Cook. Considering Apple's popularity among its users, many Twitterers came to his defense, and even praised the update.

Image by @PkmnMasterHolly/Twitter

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Cover image via Tim Cook/Twitter

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