News: Sign Up Now to Join the Exciting Pokémon Hunt in Augmented Reality

Sign Up Now to Join the Exciting Pokémon Hunt in Augmented Reality

Want to actually catch 'em all? Pokémon GO has long-teased the opportunity to hunt for Pokémon in the real world through augmented reality, but few have had the opportunity to actually see it in action.

Now anyone in the US can sign up for the field test for the chance to get an early invitation.

Pokémon GO is an app you'll download on your smartphone to locate Pokémon in the real world. The game utilizes location data to different types of Pokémon to specific areas like lakes, parks, neighborhoods, and a variety of locations around the world.

You'll need to physically travel to certain spots and use your smartphone as an augmented reality lens to discover, engage, and capture various Pokémon. The field test will only include the app, but Bluetooth wristbands (from Nintendo) will be available for players to purchase to aid in discovery when the game is officially released later this year. (Wristbands will vibrate and light up when you're near a Pokémon, whereas your phone will only vibrate with an alert.)

With the app active, you can tap the screen to throw a Pokéball and catch what you're after. While the game won't furnish you with these Poké Balls, locations like monuments and museums will act as PokéStop shops so you can acquire them. As you train and capture more Pokémon, PokéStop will start carrying Poké Balls with higher catch rate probabilities. PokéStop will also offer eggs that will hatch after enough walking, just like in the standard games. You'll be able to evolve your Pokémon by catching more than one of the same kind. How battles will take place is still unclear.

You only need a Google email address (either Gmail or Google Apps) and an iPhone running iOS 8 (and above) or an Android device running version 4.3 (and above) to sign up via Niantic's registration page.

You might recognize Niantic as the creators of Ingress. If you're already an Ingress player, you may stand a better chance of being selected for the field test earlier as half of the signup process requests optional playing statistics. Regardless, if you've got an Android or iPhone and a Gmail account you can register right now.

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Images via Niantic

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