News: Jurassic World Alive Game Update Lets Dinosaurs Eat Goats & Destroy Vehicles in Augmented Reality

Jurassic World Alive Game Update Lets Dinosaurs Eat Goats & Destroy Vehicles in Augmented Reality

Players who have stuck around with location-based game Jurassic World Alive just got a new treat that makes the augmented reality experience even more fun.

Available in an update (version 1.8) of the app via the App Store and Google Play, the game gains a new feature called Sanctuaries.

Sanctuaries are virtual locations, hosted in real world public spaces, where players can interact with dinosaurs they have collected, as well as the creatures placed by other players at the location. It's similar to how gyms operate in Pokémon GO, just without the combat component.

Image by Jurassic World Alive/YouTube

The mode extends to the AR mode outside of the Sanctuary locations as well. Players can select a dinosaur from their rosters, view the beast via the surface tracking capabilities of ARKit or ARCore, and then give the creature either some food to eat or toys to play with.

Image by Jurassic World Alive/YouTube

The update may help the game hold onto players who might be tempted to jump ship to other games. For example, the worldwide launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and recent the addition of an enhanced AR photo mode to Pokémon GO, which offers similar functionality to Jurassic World Alive's new feature, may serve as an alternative temptation for gamers looking for a fresh AR gaming experience.

And while the game might not be the blockbuster that Pokémon GO, it does accomplish some of the wish fulfillment that only augmented reality can provide. Since dinosaurs are extinct, AR gives us the opportunity to see how they might exist in the real world. Now, Jurassic World lets us feed and play with them, too.

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Cover image via Jurassic World Alive/YouTube

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