News: Amusement Park Pits Guests Against Each Other in Augmented Reality Warfare

Amusement Park Pits Guests Against Each Other in Augmented Reality Warfare

Kings Dominion, an amusement park located in Doswell, Virginia, just announced a mobile augmented reality game for park visitors. Gameplay in The Battle for Kings Dominion — available on May 19 for iOS and Android devices — follows the playbook designed by Niantic through Ingress and Pokémon GO.

Signage and other visual assets at Kings Dominion will trigger augmented reality mini-games in The Battle for Kings Dominion app. Image by Holovis/YouTube

The game calls for users to declare allegiance to one of the park's five roller coasters, each personified by an animated avatar. The factions then battle each other through augmented reality mini-games and trivia, which earn points for the alliance and virtual "dominance" of the park. The mini-games are triggered through various visual elements scattered about the park.

"Extended Experiences are the future of entertainment," said Amy Steele, VP of development at Holovis, the game's developer, in a news release. "This is where every element is connected together allowing guests to discover hidden narratives and gamify what are traditionally passive moments. They can even continue to customize their Coaster Alliance avatar from home as people prepare for their next visit."

This game is the second one that the park's operator, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, has introduced using AR elements. Last year, the company released "The Battle for Cedar Point," also produced by Holovis for iOS and Android.

"We are excited to introduce our guests to an entirely new digital layer of the park experience," said Gary Chadwick, Kings Dominion's VP and general manager. "Being able to gamify the park through the Battle for Kings Dominion, from interactive queue lines and midways to the personification of rides, will make for an even more engaging day."

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Cover image via Holovis

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